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TikTokers Are Making Frozen Corn Syrup With Kool-Aid And Starbursts, And It’s So Flavorful

It tastes even better than the viral honey jelly.


Step aside, honey jelly, because there’s a new frozen treat taking over TikTok. ICYMI, TikTokers have figured out how to freeze their honey to make a delicious jelly-like snack, and they’re getting so creative with flavors and colors. Unlike honey, which has its own distinctive flavor and tint, TikTok’s frozen corn syrup recipe is now reigning supreme for the opposite reason. Corn syrup is clear and less flavorful, making it the ultimate ingredient for the frozen treat of your dreams.

The frozen corn syrup is made similarly to the frozen honey jelly. All you need to do is find a plastic bottle that you can squeeze, and pour your corn syrup inside it. Place it in your freezer upside down for as many hours as it takes to harden. The corn syrup won’t freeze all the way, instead, becoming a clear jelly-like substance with a sweet flavor. Just like with the honey jelly, you can enjoy your frozen corn syrup straight from the bottle by squeezing it out.

The fun comes from what you mix in with your corn syrup. Add in ingredients like food coloring and different candies to give it a ‘Gram-worthy look and delicious flavor. The finished product is up to you, because you can really add whatever you’d like to your corn syrup. If you’re not sure where to start, though, you can always try these eight frozen corn syrup recipes from TikTok.

Frozen Honey And Corn Syrup

TikToker @jorimezuda tested whether regular honey jelly tasted better with corn syrup, and it was corn syrup for the win. To recreate this honey and corn syrup treat, mix together equal amounts of honey and corn syrup into one bottle. After about three hours in the freezer, your treat should be ready. All you need to do is squeeze it out of the bottle and enjoy.

Frozen Jell-O Corn Syrup

For more flavor, TikToker @jorimezuda combined the corn syrup with Jell-O powder for a frozen Jell-O corn syrup treat. Not only does this recipe come out with a delicious fruity flavor, but it also boasts a vibrant color as well. You can also make an entire rainbow of Jell-O corn syrup treats from red cherry to purple grape.

Sparkly Frozen Corn Syrup

If you really want to wow your followers, try this sparkly frozen corn syrup from TikToker @alanaskylerr. In part one of the tutorial, @alanaskylerr mixes edible glitter, food coloring, and corn syrup together before placing in the freezer. The end result is something that looks like a glitter glue, but tastes so sweet.

Starburst Frozen Corn Syrup

Starburst fans, you’ll definitely want to try this frozen corn syrup recipe from TikToker @chkeen. All you need to do is combine some Starburst powdered drink mix ($18, Amazon) with your corn syrup. The Starburst drink mix comes in all kinds of flavors like strawberry, cherry, blue raspberry, lemon, and fruit punch, so you can try a variety of options. As an added challenge, do a TikTok video where you rate the flavors and pick your favorite.

Hi-C Frozen Corn Syrup

For a real throwback, mix in some Hi-C drink mix to your corn syrup like TikToker @its_not_tay. The fruit punch flavor will definitely take you back to your elementary school days when you were the coolest kid for having some Hi-C at lunch. Plus, @its_not_tay says this recipe tastes way better than the honey one.

Sour Patch Kids Frozen Corn Syrup

Balance the sweetness by adding your favorite sour candy in the mix. TikToker @kimmytoyz made some Sour Patch Kids frozen corn syrup by adding in layers of Sour Patch Kids to the bottle in between layers of corn syrup. You’ll end up with sour surprises you can bite into.

Nerds Frozen Corn Syrup

If you’re more of a Nerds fan than a Sour Patch Kids lover, add in layers of Nerds like TikToker @gracemarywilliams. You’ll end up with this super cool-looking treat where you can see the Nerds in the clear corn syrup. Plus, each bite of Nerds will deliver a tasty flavor with a chewy and crunchy texture.

Kool-Aid Frozen Corn Syrup

You can always rely on Kool-Aid for unique flavors, making it the perfect addition to your corn syrup. With an extensive lineup of flavors to choose from, you can make a ton of different frozen corn syrup treats to enjoy. For example, TikToker made some strawberry kiwi frozen corn syrup in a mini bottle (which also happens to be the perfect snack size).