Our Team

We’re a group of creative technologists who passionately strive to solve each client’s complex business challenges every day.

Our Culture

We believe in earnest collaboration with a shared goal to turn ambiguity into clarity. Curiosity, innovation, and having fun are just a few of the traits that bind us.

Make it Fun

Yes, we love losing ourselves in incredibly challenging technologies. But we also love having fun. And we make sure each day has it.

Listen, First

Do, second. Only when we genuinely listen to our clients and each other can we get to the root of complex challenges and then create brilliant solutions.

Stay Curious

Relentless curiosity is the wind beneath our wings, motivating us to discover new technologies, new ways of thinking, and new solutions that deliver clarity.

Be a Maker

Every day, we push the limits of the cloud and ourselves to build extraordinary solutions that go beyond the expected to reveal the potential within.

The Executive Team

With more years of technology under our belts than we care to admit, we help ensure that CleanSlate Technology Group delivers on the promise to make businesses better through digital transformation.

John Loveys

President and CEO

Chris Konow

Chris Konow

Chief Operating Officer

Steven Shepard

Steven Shepard

VP of Finance

Chris Seitz

Chris Seitz

VP of Product & Delivery

Darren Mills

Darren Mills

Chief Technologist

Brad Laughlin

Brad Laughlin

VP of Strategy & Operations

Success Stories

PSI – Migration and Modernization

CleanSlate had the opportunity to work with PSI, a partner in the online education industry, who wanted to migrate their systems to the cloud and modernize them in the process.

OFS – Security Healthcheck

The client, headquartered in Huntingburg, Indiana, is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of furniture for the workplace, healthcare, education, hospitality, and governmental industries.


We love technologists who embrace incredibly complex problems and have the grit and determination to find the solution. Is that you?