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Find your future in the cloud.

We’re a technology consulting firm specializing in custom-built, modern applications and products that deliver greater agility, faster speed to innovation, and the resiliency to handle whatever the future throws your way.

What We Do

We help businesses maximize the potential of the cloud by delivering greater operational efficiency, faster speed to market, and the agility to pivot when needed.

Cloud Consulting

Maybe you’re already in the cloud, but not sure if your business is getting the most out of it. Or, you realize it’s time to modernize but have no idea of where or how to begin. Our experienced cloud experts can help you chart the right path.

Application Development

Leverage the next-level advantages of the cloud to build and deploy resilient applications at scale. Separating yourself from the pack starts with competitive differentiation through rapid innovation and better customer experiences.


Turn your application development into an automated beast with right-sized DevOps to shorten the development lifecycle and enable continuous delivery for faster speed to market and greater business agility and flexibility.

Cloud Architecture

Giving your organization the scalability, security, and cost efficiencies needed to beat the competition and thrive in the future begins with a resilient cloud infrastructure designed and built to meet your strategic goals.

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Cloud Expertise

At CleanSlate, we excel at building modern products and applications that unlock the potential within our clients. From cloud-native application development to DevOps, architecture, and more, we can help you lay the groundwork for a sustainable, resilient future.

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We have a four-step systematic approach to assess and plan your journey to the cloud. Starting with a capabilities-based roadmap, we will engineer an enterprise view that includes cloud architecture and scalability.


We begin by gaining a deep understanding of your current state, business goals, and readiness for a future state. After analyzing our findings, we provide:

• A readiness assessment
• Application and asset inventory
• Cloud architecture
• Recommendations for next steps

Strategic Planning

During the planning stage, we develop a precise roadmap to guide your journey to a secure future state. Our experts will establish the phases of the journey, total cost of ownership, and expected ROI. Then, we’ll show you the way forward with:

• Strategic Roadmap
• Project Plan
• Resource Plan


Designing, building, and implementing a secure cloud tenant and applications are essential to realizing a future state. To achieve a successful outcome, we provide:

• Implemented applications
• Architecture and design documents
• Developed and executed test strategies and plans

Manage & Optimize

We can help you drive operational improvements and optimize costs with our ongoing services supporting your daily operations. From preventative maintenance to reporting, auditing, and more, we’ll free up your time so you can focus on growth. We offer:

• Optimized Services
• Application Managed Service Support

Our People

We’re a group of creative technologists who love to solve the complex challenges that businesses face today. Our team consists of experts in AWS and Azure implementation, IBM software licensing, Red Hat hybrid solutions, and much more. We wake up in the morning dedicated to transforming the way businesses do, well, business.

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