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Back To School

These TikTok Dollar Store Decor Hacks Are A Sweet Deal For Your Dorm Room

Just add hot glue.

By Marisa Casciano

Michelle Hyped Barack’s Dad Skills In This Sweet 60th Birthday Message

She also shared a cute snap of Obama with Sasha and Malia.

By Cianna Garrison

These John B Quotes From 'Outer Banks' Are Perfect For Living The Pogue Life

TFW you're doing whatever you want, whenever you want.

By Rachel Chapman

35 Watermelon Captions For Instagram And Sticking Close To Summer

I think I’m losing my rind.

By Marisa Casciano

Zooey Deschanel Made Her TikTok Debut By Recreating The 'New Girl' Theme

Schmidt would be so proud.

By Abby Monteil

Tom Daley Was Knitting In The Crowd At The Olympics And Fans Can't Get Enough

Diving isn't his only skill.

By Abby Monteil

Zayn Just Casually Revealed A New Face Tattoo That Has Fans Confused

Um, what does that say?

By Cianna Garrison
Olympics 2021

MyKayla Had A Supportive Response About Replacing Simone In The Vault Finals

"Doing this for us."

By Cianna Garrison

15 Instagram-Worthy Starbucks Stores To Help Fuel Your Wanderlust

You’ll want to head to Turks & Caicos ASAP.

By Cianna Garrison

Check Out This Snapchat Charms List To See Which Icons You Still Need

Gotta collect them all.

By Amanda Fama

These 25 Memes About Sexting Will Make You Feel So Hilariously Seen

Called. Out.

By Rachel Shatto and Rachel Chapman
Single Life

25 Starter Questions To DM Your Crush That'll Get The Convo Going

"OK, I just have to know... What is your Hogwarts house?"

By Rebecca Strong and Rachel Chapman