'The White Lotus' creator Mike White teased some ideas for a potential second season.

The White Lotus Could Get A Second Season That's Not Set In Hawaii

The popular HBO show could become an anthology series.


Although it is billed as a miniseries, The White Lotus may actually end up getting a second season... although if that happens, it would look quite a bit different from Season 1. The HBO dramedy combines sharp, satirical barbs at the mega-wealthy with a delicious whodunnit mystery, creating a bizarrely unnerving trip to paradise gone wrong. The show seems built for only a single season, but creator Mike White actually has ideas for more. In fact, it sounds like The White Lotus Season 2 could turn the show into an anthology series, if things go according to plan.

HBO has yet to officially pick up a second season of The White Lotus, and it honestly didn’t seem very likely at first, given the show’s self-contained plot and its billing as a miniseries. But that hasn’t stopped HBO before. The network’s buzzy 2017 miniseries Big Little Lies was also referred to as a limited series, but that changed when it was picked up for a second season. Something similar could happen with The White Lotus, but instead of continuing Season 1’s story like Big Little Lies did, White seems to have hinted at the show changing locations and casts to become an anthology, in the vein of American Horror Story, True Detective, or Black Mirror.

“My hope is that maybe HBO will want to do another round of White Lotus,” White said in a July 18 New Yorker interview. “I feel like it might take place at a sister hotel, a different kind of seasonal thing. I think there’s another season in me that kind of has a different way into this that I think would be cool if they’d let me do this.”

This quote echoes similar sentiments White shared in a July 12 interview with Vanity Fair, durin which he’d be interested in follow-up seasons set in France and Japan. Most likely, these big setting changes will also mean changing up the cast of actors, although there’s always the option of following one or a few of the luxury vacationers from Season 1 to a new resort.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but here’s what we can guess about a potential second season of The White Lotus:


The White Lotus Season 2 Release Date

As of right now, a second season of The White Lotus is still just an idea. HBO has yet to make any official announcements about whether the show will continue past Season 1, but it’s clear White has ideas for more, so hopefully fans will learn more soon.

The White Lotus Season 2 Trailer

If Season 2 does get the green light, then its first footage will likely reveal the new luxe resort location where it will take place. White has mentioned France and Japan as contenders for a new setting.

The White Lotus Season 2 Cast

If the show goes the anthology series route that White has hinted at, the follow-up season may bring in an entirely new cast of characters. It’s really up in the air how many of the original cast will appear in a potential second season, if any. Stay tuned.